"When we first met Sara I thought my dear old lab was literally on his last legs. The vet had been unable to reassure me of any improvement. Henry was limping badly and generally out of sorts despite daily medication. Sara's fantastic massage technique soon has Henry enjoying a blissful state of complete relaxation and freedom from discomfort. A course of treatments is keeping muscle stiffness at bay, ironing out all the creases, increasing his mobility and much improving his general wellbeing. Not only has Sara lifted Henry's spirits but mine also. Her home visits are so convenient and much looked forward to by us both. Sara has also given us much advice on ways in which we can help our arthritic dog continue to enjoy a good life - we only wish we had met her years ago." 

“Nubo has had physiotherapy previously for a hind leg injury, however he sometimes still develops an odd gait and posture with an intermittently touch-sensitive back. Nubo can be a little worried and stressed during restraint since he is scared of veterinary procedures, but Sara took regular breaks and worked at his pace. She was extremely patient with Nubo and always responded sensitively to his behaviour. He was always happy to see Sara and was always more relaxed at the end of his treatment sessions which was lovely to see. I have noticed that sensitivity to touch along his back has reduced, which is fantastic, and that he is more fluid in his movement when running free – long may it continue!”

"Sara came recommended to me as my old Golden Retriever was getting stiffer and was often lame after a walk. Sara's approach from the start was calm and relaxed so it didn't take Sunny long to settle. As Sara worked she explained what she was doing as well as responding to Sunny's reactions, when he raised his head to give her a look as if to say "hang on a minute! that was sore!" she reassured him calmly. For the first two days after his treatment he was stiff, but then after a couple of days my partner came home saying what a different dog Sunny was on the walk, instead of just ambling along he was bouncy and engaged and even had little trots! I'm really pleased with the results, thanks Sara."

“Oz is a canine athlete and risk-taker and regularly suffers with soft tissue injuries. Oz has a general anxiety about veterinary-type procedures, however Sara’s calm and gentle approach really helped him to relax. I was so impressed with Sara’s confidence, skill, knowledge and passion during the treatment process – excellent animal skills combined with wonderful people skills! I believe Oz’s condition improved greatly over the course of his treatments. His muscle twitching has decreased considerably and I have seen positive changes in his movement including an improvement in the range of motion of his hind legs. As well as this, my increased knowledge of Oz’s body’s weaknesses has changed the way I exercise him.”

“Scrumpy was diagnosed earlier in the year with bilateral grade 1 patella luxation, I was therefore very interested to find out about the benefits that may come from canine massage. Scrumpy was unsettled initially but Sara handled her very well and was able to read her body language. I’m sure it was due to Sara’s handling that Scrumpy managed to settle into the massage sessions as much as she did, I was very impressed. Sara taught me lots about Scrumpy’s condition and how to manage her in a much better way to help her in the future. A fascinating experience, thanks Sara!”

“Animals have the same niggles, aches and pains as humans, so why shouldn’t they benefit from therapies such as massage also. Rosie was a little anxious and unsure at first but once she relaxed and got used to the massage treatment she enjoyed it and was much calmer. Sara’s knowledge is vast and she read Rosie’s behaviour and responses very well and was very patient and reassuring. After her treatments, I have noticed that Rosie has more energy on walks, and moves more freely and for longer at faster paces. Sara is a wonderfully friendly and open person who I would recommend highly.”

“Tilly is a senior Labrador who demonstrates lameness associated with her bilateral hip dysplasia and secondary arthritis. She takes regular pain relief medication and joint supplements and I was interested to see whether massage could help to improve her flexibility and relieve any discomfort. Sara handled Tilly very well and Tilly was generally well behaved and accepting of the massage sessions. Following treatments Tilly has more energy and drives forward more strongly on her hind legs, she is making more frequent attempts to walk upstairs in the home and her movement seems generally freer.”